LoveAngel Cosmetics

LoveAngel Cosmetics is a makeup brand that was designed specifically to embody the beauty of LoveAngel Beauty Bar & Supplies. LoveAngel Cosmetics offers high quality cruelty-free vegan and vegetarian cosmetics, as well as, healthier options that are also paraben-free, gluten-free, and hypoallergenic. Our products have great textures, glide on smoothly, and last all day!

LoveAngel Cosmetics product lines were created to meet every budget. There's something for EVERYONE! Treat your skin to healthy oils and minerals while wearing your glam.

Featured Collection

Lash Out Lash Kit

Build your perfect lask kit.
Everything you need to make your lashes pop.
Select your favorite eyelashes, a vegan eyelash glue,
and a pair of LoveAngel tweezers all for $16.
Cosmetic bag included.


"I'm not one to wear any make up, but I LOVE this lipgloss. It's not sticky and a mess like other brands!"

— Sabrina

"LoveAngel Cosmetics is a breath of fresh air.

Quality is experienced on every level; from the feel of the products to the healthier & safer ingredients used.

I’ve never been a “makeup girl” but when it’s time to step out, I reach for my LoveAngel.!"

— Aja of AjaNaturals, LLC

"These brushes are amazing. Better get yourself some!"

— Lynn

LoveAngel Beauty Bar & Supplies

LoveAngel Cosmetics Products Are: