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Aloe Vera Gel


The fast-absorbing LoveAngel Cosmetics Aloe Vera Gel provides long-lasting moisturization that calms irritated skin with a refreshing feeling to the skin after each use. It's formulated with 100% pure aloe vera that's naturally extracted at our Canadian lab without any artificial powders or concentrated substitutes.

The Aloe Vera Gel:

  • Replenishes lost moisture in your skin, helps prevent wrinkles, conditions hair, and prevents dandruff. 
  • Is a great starter product for beginners looking to start their first skincare routine. 
  • Can be used at any time of day, applied to any part of the body, and the universal improvements will keep anyone's skin feeling cool and soft after repeated use.

This aloe can be safely used on the face, hands, or body. It's incredibly easy to add into a skincare routine too. Simply squeeze a generous portion of gel onto your hands and apply it wherever you'd like to promote healthier-feeling skin. The naturally extracted aloe counteracts the effects of daily pollution your skin is exposed to and provides nutrients directly to those areas thanks to its fast-absorbing qualities. With continued usage, your skin will feel calmer, balanced, and help prevent any unwanted irritation from breaking out. The packaging is designed for a balanced lifestyle; bring the aloe vera gel wherever you travel thanks to its travel-ready squeeze tube.